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  • B-100 COMPLEX

    175,00 AED

    B-100 COMPLEX by Pharma TRUST is a High potency B vitamins which Supports Nervous System & Energy. B100 complex vitamins are nutrients that help your body convert calories into energy, play a role in the formation of red blood cells and the functioning of the nervous system. Important for vision, normal appetite, and healthy skin, hair and nails


    175,00 AED

    BONE HEALTH by Pharma Trust is a high quality product which is Approved from FDA, BONE HEALTH supports healthy and strong bones and teeth. It contains calcium, vitamin D, and other important vitamins and minerals that help your body maintain healthy bones.

  • C-1000 COMPLEX

    120,00 AED

    C-1000 COMPLEX by Pharma Trust is a High potency vitamin c-complex with Bioflavonoids, rutin, acerola, hesperidin, quercetin, and rose hips. Supports immune system health and has a key role in energy metabolism


    190,00 AED

    Trust Digest Matrix capsules from Pharma Trust contain plant based digestive enzyme complex which is essential for supporting digestion and relief colon pain. Improve your Nutrient absorption and Your Energy with our Digest Matrix Premium Quality Product.

  • Electrolyte Support

    195,00 AED

    TRUST Electrolyte Support Provides a full spectrum of electrolytes that are lost during intense exercise ( sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride ) for rehydration and helping the body’s fluids stay in balance, also TRUST Electrolyte Supports Electrolytes Balance, Enhances Exercise Performance, Supports Heart Health, Strengthens Immunity, Strengthens the Muscles and Bones.

  • Magnesium 500mg

    120,00 AED

    Magnesium 500 MG by Pharma Trust is a product which contains Magnesium which involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body. Magnesium 500 mg essential minerla from trust, supports cardiovascular health, boosts exercise performance, fights depression, has benefits against type 2 diabetes and other anti-inflammatory benefits. Magnesium can lower blood pressure and may help prevent migraine attacks.


    160,00 AED

    MEGAVIT by Pharma Trust contains the Highest Multivitamins concentration product in UAE,
    When you don’t get enough vitamins, your body has to work harder to perform simple tasks, which can lead to fatigue and other health problems. This Multiviatmins & mineral complex helps to increase energy levels, Improves mood, Reduces stress and anxiety,Improves short-term memory and Maintains muscle strength.

  • OMEGA 3,6,9+DHA

    245,00 AED

    OMEGA 3 , 6 & 9 + DHA by Pharma Trust boosts your General health and your heart health , which works on Fighting inflammation, Decreasing liver fat and Reducing weight and waist size.


    120,00 AED

    Improve your General Health with Pharma TRUST SPIRULINA 500MG which is a high-nutrient, low-calorie food that contains a lot of nutrition in a small amount,
    Pharma TRUST Spirulina is extremely high in many nutrients, powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. – Can lower bad LDL and triglyceride levels. – Protects bad LDL cholesterol from oxidation. – May have anti-cancer properties. – May reduce blood pressure. – Improves symptoms of allergic rhinitis.


    225,00 AED

    15-DAY DETOX Improves your General Heath and Remove Toxins which lead to many problems such as
    1- Gain weight ( because toxins be stored in fatty cells ) .
    2-Wrinkles ( toxins are source of free radicals which cause aging ) .
    3- Stress .
    4- Indigestion.
    يحسن صحتك العامة ويزيل السموم التي تؤدي إلى العديد من المشاكل مثل
    زيادة الوزن (بسبب تخزين السموم في الخلايا الدهنية)
    التجاعيد (السموم هي مصدر الجذور الحرة التي تسبب الشيخوخة).
    الإجهاد .
    عسر الهضم.


    350,00 AED

    SUPER SLIM by Pharma TRUST acts as Calories inhibitor by prevent the body from actually absorbing fat by trapping it in stool and Helps reduce appetite .Reduces the desire to eat sugars .


    175,00 AED

    Boost your Immune System, loose your weight and Belly Fat with our Premium Qulaity ULTRAPROBIOTIC Product, Pharma TRUST ULTRAPROBIOTIC Helps to keep your Heart Healthy and Reduces Symptoms of Digestive Disorder.

  • ZINC 50 MG

    95,00 AED

    ZINC 50 MG by Pharma TRUST is a product which contains ZINC which supports antioxidant function and helps maintain healthy hair, nails, and skin. It is also used for boosting the immune system, treating the common cold, and preventing lower respiratory infections. Zinc plays a key role in maintaining vision, and it is present in high concentrations in the eye.